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    Traditional Wedding Ceremony and Recessional Songs

    Traditional Wedding Ceremony and Recessional Songs

    Couples often as me good songs to use for the wedding ceremony and recessional. I believe the first thing to consider is that you want to think about songs that already have meaning to you individually or as a couple. It might be the first song you danced or kissed to, from the first movie or band you saw together or the song that made you think of one another when you had to be apart from each other.

    The next question is if this song would sound good on guitar and cello. One of Penguin Music’s strong points is that we are able to arrange mostly any song and make it sound good. Sometimes we get creative, such as in the arrangement of Justin Timberlake’s song Lovestoned, we took a part later in the song where there are strings and more of a melody to build an arrangement from. However, for certain songs we just would not sound good and would let you know if this is the case with the song you chose. For example, if it is a fast rap song where the words are the most important element, it probably would not sound very good without voice.

    If you do can not find this one personal song, don’t despair! We have a large repertoire of music which I am sure you will be able to find a song that has meaning for you. Here is a list of some of the common songs that we do for the ceremony, but dont feel that you have to be limited to these:

    Common Wedding Ceremony Songs

    • Falling Slowly from Once (now a Broadway show!)
    • Bach – Air on G
    • Beatles – Blackbird
    • Saint-Saens -The Swan
    • Mendelssohn -Wedding March
    • Shubert- Ave Maria
    • Mendelssohn -Ave Maria
    • Over The Rainbow – as performed by IZ
    • Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis
    • Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
    • Ever Shel Shoshanim
    • Wedding Song – Stookey
    • Wedding Song – Elvis
    • Canon In D
    • Yellow – Coldplay
    • Viva La vida – Coldplay

    Common Songs For The Recessional and Ceremony

    • Starlight – Muse
    • Wedding March
    • Bridal Chorus
    • Over The rainbow
    • Good Life – one Republic
    • Isnt she lovely – Stevie Wonder
    • All you Need Is love – Beatles
    • Here Comes the Sun – Beatles
    • Simon Tov
    • Yellow – Coldplay
    • Viva La vida – Coldplay
    • All Of Me

    Remember that you do not have to use this list. There are many songs on our song list that work well for all parts of the ceremony at http://penguinweddingmusicny.com/current-repertoire/ . The list above are just some of the most common.


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